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Juwel Rio 125 Aquarium Review

Today i am heading towards look at 2 well-liked beginner aquariums, the actual Juwel Rio 125 and as well the actual Fluval Roma 125. Both connected with many are outstanding first tanks and also wonderful worth intended for the bucks although which will wind up on top?? They is going to be evaluated head to scalp inside five types :- Looks & Style, Level Of Equipment, Ease Of Maintenance & Value For Money.

First, a little bit regarding each one company:-

Juwel -

Juwel is a German company, organized with 1969 and perhaps they are one of many main producers regarding tropical bass tanks and marine sea food tanks within Europe. They've bought a fantastic reputation for ever build good quality (well they may be German eh!!) and great customer service

Fluval -

Part from the Hagen Group that happen to be between the biggest privately managed providers and marketers regarding pet reso urces worldwide. This company has been set up within 1995 simply by Rolf C Hagen. Fluval aquariums have a style of Italian beginning and are often most hottest and respected aquariums out there to the market.

Looks & Style

The Juwel Rio 125 looks superb as a tank for your fish on it truly is own. It provides thoroughly clean simple lines along with the bodily gubbings (by which I mean the actual heater, sieve press plus pump) are perfectly invisible in the filtration system housing. This causes it to become fine in addition to quick to help camouflage clothing lurking behind some strategically place foliage! It must be claimed though that while coupled with this cabinet, which usually seriously isn't the entire width in the tank, the particular unit looks slightly best major in addition to manages to lose at massive amount it's fine looks. The cabinet also comes in 4 colours, Black, Beech, Dark Wood & White.

3 /5

The Fluval Roma 125 just like it can be competitor may be a fine looking tank. The same wash lines but it likewise rewards in the Italian pattern and also greater awareness to be able to detail. The addition involving your display case (of which you will discover several possibilities - Oak & Wenge, Black by using Silver inserts, Oak with dark inserts and, my personal personal favourite, Black using Titanium in addition to Zebrano) essentially adds on the overall style. The cupboard is a entire thicker belonging to the fish tank plus the total outfit would likely always be a new great, classy addition that will any kind of room.

Level Of Equipment

The Juwel Rio contains your pursuing as standard:- Juwel High Lite Light Unit, Juwel High Lite Day (T5 twenty-eight watt) Juwel High Lite Nature (T5 28 watt), Juwel Bioflow 3.0 Compact Filter, Juwel Bioflow 600 Pump, Juwel 100 watt Heater, Selection of sieve media

As mentioned, that pump, filter and heat tank are cautiously housed while in the sift houses and that is an awesome touch. The hood has 2 removable flaps pertaining to uncomplicated gain access to and it is created of easy clean pvc.

The amount of equipment is great research Juwel's history pertaining to solid as well as dependable create quality more air . must transform nearly anything (unless everyone develop the drive to do so) for quite a few time.


The Fluval Roma contains the next since standard:-

Fluval GLO light unit, one particular x Power-Glo fluor escent fish tank conduit (T8 20 watt), 1 x Aqua-Glo fluorescent fish tank tube (T8 20 watt), Fluval U3 Internal Filter, Fluval Mirrored M-series Heater (150 watt), Filter Media

Again, excellent gear that should do the job okay although engine lets the item straight down a little bit - the actual lighting unit owns across the center and you can find a couple of admittance flaps. If you remove one there's inadequate space to be able to insert your arm as well as entry the gas tank properly (it's ok for eating nevertheless that is definitely regarding it). For full obtain it is advisable to remove together flaps and slip the particular lights component outside the method and that is somewhat fiddly. Not a disaster although possibly not style utopia either!



Both tanks credit score well here.

The Fluval features a serious small lid, which will appearance great, but for that reason the equipment and lighting sit a little more detailed into the waters consequently try to be alert which if your bubbles with the air flow pump motor seep onto that lights you may have to scrub away from crispy algae decide to purchase or perhaps two. This is often avoided by cautiously putting the actual push to ensure your bubbles pass up the lights. Not a actual concern but a thing on bearing in your mind whenever an individual decide on your Fluval.

Both rating 4/5

Value For Money

The Juwel Rio 125 incorporates a RRP of 255.27 nonetheless you need to be seeking to spend surrounding the 2 hundred mark.


The Fluval Roma 125 features your RRP of 328.84 however you should be wanting to fork out around the 230 mark.



Juwel Rio 125 - 15/20

Fluval Roma 125 - 15/20

It's troublesome that will separated all of them however it is dependent upon precisely what you'd like to pertaining to - that Juwel edges it on practicality and value for money even so the Fluval victories with good looking style. Both have solid quality despite the fact that really don't count on flawlessness at this price. Either would create a fantastic first warm bass tank.

A excellent place for vacations is aquatic assessment internet site - these you are able to check out a new broad offering of tropical perch tanks, marine bass tanks, low cost sea food tanks together with top quality aquatic products coming from a selection regarding suppliers and companies and also compare rates and also specification before buying.

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